Our main objective is to improve on the dogs we have by comparing breed-type virtues
based on what the
Staffordshire Breed Standard calls for.

Our love for Staffords started when Griet grew up with 'cross-breeds' as a child,
and fell in love with the typical personality of the breed as we know it today.

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Are all breeders equal

We encourage you to educate yourself if you are looking for a puppy to join your family.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF that will help you choose a reputable breeder .

Briefly, (in our opinion) there are 3 kinds of people in dog breeding you should be mindful of:

1. The person who is pressurizing you into a sale. This individual see a business opportunity by exploiting a particular breed and/or characteristic (we see this in particular to the colours ‘blue or merle’).

2. The bragging type. This individual is on an ego-trip. This person will do their best to impress you with statistics and records and throw around the words ‘champions’ and ‘grand champions’ loosely.

3. The people who care about health and lifestyle. This breeder breed to improve their stock (at all times), for the betterment of breed type and general health. In other words as a breed enthusiast. This person make their breeding decisions based on the breed standard. This person will be concerned how the animal will be kept, the lifestyle it will have. This person will be understanding, supportive and show interest for the life of the animal. And this breeder will most likely take part in dog hobbies, such as agillity, confirmation showing, judging, flyball, etc.

Hope this is helpful.

Obtaining a puppy is a 10-15 year commitment and it should not be taken lightly!!!