Zeracious Champions

We are very proud to claim Breed Champions in several countries South Africa (Zeracious still hold the record in RSA for the most Champions bred by any Stafford Breeder aswell as the Bitch Challenge Record holder), USA, International, Zimbabwean, NZ and Australia.

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So. Africa

So. Africa









  1. 1994 SA CH Zeracious Beetle Bounce "Beetle"

  2. 1995 SA CH Zeracious Star Jewill "Candy"

  3. 1997 INT SA CH Zeracious Reckless Rebel "Tyggar"

  4. 1997 SA CH Zeracious What A Prospect "Scat"

  5. 1998 SA CH Zeracious Pumbahee "Pumba"

  6. 1998 SA CH Zeracious Fancy That "Zeiss"

  7. 2000 SA CH Zeracious Maestro "Maestro"

  8. 2000 SA CH Zeracious Sharp Impact "Zouse"

  9. 2000 SA CH Zeracious Take That "Sharpi"

  10. 2000 SA CH Zeracious What A Star "Pebbles"

  11. 2001 SA CH Zeracious Hot Gossip "Scarlet"

  12. 2002 SA CH Zeracious Summing Else "CaCee"

  13. 2002 SA Zeracious Hot Persuit "Siaynda"

  14. 2002 SA CH Zeracious On A Roll "Zack"

  15. 2002 SA CH Zeracious Highfalutin "Spice"

  16. 2002 SA CH Zeracious Star Status "Cola"

  17. 2004 ZIM SA CH Zeracious Fancy Me of Gamestaff "Copper"

  18. 2005 SA CH Zeracious Born A Star "Zeke"

  19. 2005 SA CH Zeracious Neo "Neo"

  20. 2005 USA SA CH Zeracious Star Studded "Vista"

  21. 2005 SA CH Zeracious Fancy Star "Sway"

  22. 2006 SA CH Zeracious Expect The Best Of Rioghal "Xoe"

  23. 2006 SA CH Zeracious Outsmart "Gizmo"

  24. 2006 SA CARTING CH Zeracious Rustic Takara Of Tengeenie "Takara"

  25. 2006 SA CH Zeracious Super Starr "Faith"

  26. 2006 SA CH Zeracious Taylormade "Maggie"

  27. 2006 SA Zeracious Summing Special "Venus"

  28. 2006 USA SA CH Zeracious Zero To Hero "Ullie"

  29. 2008 SA CH Zeracious J Capulate "Juliet"

  30. 2008 SA CH Zeracious Oakley "Oakley"

  31. 2008 SA CH Zeracious Porshe "Porshe"

  32. 2008 SA CH Zeracious Maddox "Maddox"

  33. 2008 SA CH Zeracious Zo E "Zoe"

  34. 2009 USA SA CH Zeracious Met Eish At Classystaffy "Eish"

  35. 2009 USA CH Zeracious Stars And Stripes "Marley"

  36. 2009 SA CH Zeracious Grinder "Grinder"

  37. 2010 USA CH Zeracious Terrifi "Terri"

  38. 2011 SA CH Zeracious Sage "Sage"

  39. 2011 AU CH Zeracious Up To Scratch "Jade"

  40. 2012 AU CH Zeracious Wit Supremacy "Pearl"

  41. 2013 Zeracious Diva In Disguise "Diva" (un-official)

  42. 2014 NZ Sup CH Zeracious Locked And Loaded "Lockey"

  43. 2014 AU CH Zeracious Showdown "Buttons"

  44. 2015 AU CH Zeracious Starman "Bowie"

  45. 2015 AU CH Zeracious All The Talk "Ziggy"

  46. 2016 AU CH Zeracious Showoff "Bubbles"

  47. 2017 AU CH Zeracious Fire Me Up "Garnet"

  48. 2018 Zeracious High Flyer "Ledger" - Owned & Loved by Kylie & Gavin Dunn

Current show dogs

  1. 2018 Zeracious Ice Pick "Brock" - Owned & Loved by Lissa Osborne

  2. 2018 Zeracious She Will Reign "Reign" - Owned & Loved by Dannine White

  3. 2018 Zeracious Dare To Dream "Dare" - Owned & Loved by Clint & Charmaine Hoeben

  4. 2018 Zeracious Coconut Candy "Shylo" - Owned & Loved by Tamaryn Clarck

  5. 2018 Zeracious Second To None "Sapphire" - Owned & Loved by Natalie Wright

Griet & Tony, Rita & Bubbles and Sharon Brooks with Artie. (L-R)

Griet & Tony, Rita & Bubbles and Sharon Brooks with Artie. (L-R)

Staffords Campaigned
to Championship Status by Zeracious

  1. SA CH Parabello Lady Cylie of Zeracious "Cylie"

  2. SA CH Marezka Yoko Ono of Zeracious "Yoko"

  3. SA CH Zutar Miss Siaygon "Saskia" - bred by F Miller

  4. SA CH Parabello Blazing Gold

  5. SA CH Wimway Neptune

  6. SA CH Rikarrystock Basic Instinct "Tulip" - bred by T Henderson

  7. SA CH Tengeenie Red Tyba "Tyba" - bred by C v Rijsbergen

  8. AU CH Brookshire Black Opal "Opal" - bred by N & S Brooks

  9. AU CH Toploader Fat Tony "Tony" - bred by C Heard

AU CH  Zeracious Up To Scratch  (Jade)

AU CH Zeracious Up To Scratch (Jade)

AU CH  Zeracious Wit Supremacy  (Pearl)

AU CH Zeracious Wit Supremacy (Pearl)

AU CH  Zeracious Up To Scratch  (Jade) and AU CH  Brookshire Black Opal  (Opal)

AU CH Zeracious Up To Scratch (Jade) and AU CH Brookshire Black Opal (Opal)