ARIES (21st March – 20th April)

Element - Fire, Symbol- The Ram, Ruling Planet Mars

All are born leaders,intelligent, self confident and determined, and not too diplomatic their desire about their right to attention. They love a challenge and their freedom. They must be kept busy as they have a high energy level. They are explorers and will need training but will smart under discipline  if it is too harsh they may be driven to rebellion.

TAURUS (April 21st – May 21st)

Element - Earth, Symbol - The Bull, Ruling Planet- Venus

They are headstrong and stubborn, despite their calm loving exterior. They will not be rushed, and don’t like to take risks. They love the security of home and family and they tend to be possessive. They dislike change and may become upset with changes to their living arrangements. They are sensual and will love a soft place to sleep. They need a lot of love and attention. They are strong willed and self indulgent at times. They tend to overeat. They are very slow to be aroused but when finally angry can be a terror.

GEMINI (May22 - June 21st)

Element – Air, Symbol - The Twins, Ruling Planet – Mercury

Seem to be in two places at the same time. Love to communicate and may become the spokesman of the neighbourhood. They are easily bored, and will need lots of toys and distractions. They tend to be restless, and are inquisitive. They hate to be confined in small places. They need to seek, explore and learn and they love travelling. They don’t like discipline, therefore they need encouragement in whatever they start... They are quick thinkers and are eager to know too much too fast.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

Element - Water, Symbol - The Crab, Ruling Planet - The Moon

Have expressive eyes, and the strongest emotional needs of any sign. They love water and a refreshing swim. They need to be cuddled, adored and approved of. Rejection will crush their delicate spirit. Cancer is a gentle leadership sign. They have lovely manners but they are not followers. They can easily become spoiled. They become sad when ignored or spoken to harshly. They love home and are not tempted to wander. They have fantastic memories, longer than most signs. They are collectors of memorabilia. Love is the most important ingredient.

LEO (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Element – Fire, Symbol - The Lion, Ruling Planet - The Sun

Have a regal bearing, are born to lead and they love admiration. They will tend to boss other pets. Never reprimand them harshly in front of others as they might roar like a lion or broodingly withdraw. Their pride can be their handicap. They are happy and sunny if they get their own way. They are ambitious and enthusiastic but not ruthless. They have two speeds very fast or very slow. Even if they seem conceited at times, they are sensitive and easily hurt. They are creative with a gift of showmanship  and love to be the centre of attraction. They are generous and will share almost anything.

VIRGO (24th August - 23rd September)

Element- Earth, Symbol- The Virgin, Ruling Planet-Mercury

They are more peaceful than most signs and are alert and willing. They need routine and are meticulous to a fault. They are very fussy about their food and their bedding. They are quiet and subdued in crowds and may appear standoffish. They need very little discipline but do need a lot of affection although they may not show their need. They have a great deal of nervous energy.

LIBRA (24th September - 23rd October)

Element – Air, Symbol - The Scales, Ruling Planet - Venus

Love harmony in all aspects of life, especially sound. They are born aristocrats, charmers and are usually well behaved. They need a lot of peace, quiet and rest. They hate confrontation and upsets and may try to be all things to all people to keep the peace.

They are indecisive, easily distracted and terribly afraid of making a mistake. They may appear a little lazy but can play energetically for hours and then collapse into a serene little ball. They are strategists and when they decide what they want, they usually get it. They have an ability to absorb your temperament. They aren’t erratic, just balancing. They hate violence in any form.

SCORPIO (24th October - 22nd November)

Element – Water, Symbol - The Scorpion or The Eagle, Planet – Pluto/Mars

They are born dictators and have the will and sense of a gladiator. Intensity is their name and game. They are flirts.

They will live life to the fullest, every glorious, romping minute. With proper guidance they might not release that high powered energy in destructive ways such as tearing your slippers etc. They are aggressive and love robust sports. Discipline must start the day you meet them, this does not mean formal training but from day one let your puppy know two facts, he is the puppy and you are the master. Be sure you are loving with your discipline. They may have excessive highs and lows of emotional energy and excessive discipline may frighten them. They are possessive and need their own private place to sleep. Their education needs to be exciting and varied.

SAGGITARIUS (23rd November - 21st December)

Element - Fire, Symbol - The Archer/half-man/half-horse, Ruling Planet –Jupiter

They are extroverts and love adventure and a good cause. They are usually jovial and open-minded. They need companionship, will love to sleep on your clothing and need a security blanket. They are extremely honest and they hate deception. They are territorial and this will include stalking their grounds daily. They are quick and curious especially about strange noises. They can start several projects at once before they finish anything. They dislike being enclosed in small places, neither do they like chains, leashes and collars. They will enjoy training, but lack giving attention to detail.

CAPRICORN (22nd December - 20th January)

Element - Earth, Symbol - The Goat, Ruling Planet - Saturn

They are dependable and reliable. They have a stable determined temperament. Perseverance is their game and they have infinite patience. They are seldom impulsive and never in a hurry. They love routine. A break in their routine can cause them to become moody and stubborn. They are tenacious and can be jealous. They also like the fame of the public eye. They love their home.

AQUARIUS (21st January - 19th February)

Element - Air, Symbol- The Water Bearer, Ruling Planet- Uranus/Saturn

They can be independent and stubborn. They are not too concerned about what you think of them and won’t bother to form opinions about you either. They need to be free yet have an ability to make you and others revolve around them. They are clever, inventive, and quick to learn even if they are erratic. They need their personal independence. They will be friendly and loyal but their individuality is very important to them. Their manners could be disconcerting, and they can be fixed in their opinions and not easily persuaded that they are wrong. They are continually curious and love mystery. They are unpredictable and full of contradictions. They are idealistic and intelligent even if they are unconventional.

PISCES (20th February – 20th March)

Element - Water, Symbol - Two Fish, Ruling Planet - Neptune

They are the most sensitive and compassionate of all the signs. They are dreamers and often escape into a land of fluffy clouds, dog biscuits and fairy tales. They have charm, and intuition. They need your attention and encouragement in all things, and will slip into moody depression if not treated kindly. They are very versatile, with plenty of personality and  are popular with people and other pets. They dislike boisterous, aggressive play. They will teach you about love, devotion and daydreams