What you can expect from a Stafford

Staffords are NOT suitable for everyone!

So, if it's the first time you considering living with this breed please read on to see if they are a good fit for you and your lifestyle!

A Staffords IS:

  • An inside dog. If you leave them outside for a long time, they will find something to do and that is usually considered 'naughty'. They can live in an apartment if walked regularly.
  • Crave attention. And can be jealous of other dogs.
  • Loyal to their people, providing they get the affection they desire.
  • Terriers. That means they have guts and will retaliate if challenged.
  • Medium size. Meaning 14-16 inches high.
  • Affectionate and protective. A lively, affectionate and loyal family pet.
  • Smooth coated, great strength for his size. Muscular,active and agile.
  • Required Grooming is minimal. They love a good brush to remove dust and dead hair. Occasional bathing (when dirty). Keep ears clean. Nails short and teeth free from tartar (we use cow hooves). Shiny coat is directly a result of good nutrition.
  • Able to live with other breeds if managed correctly.
  • Need to respect a pecking order - most importantly the top positions of this hierarchy must be held by the family members (including children). Always be fair!
  • Good with cats and other animals if introduced with caution.
  • An exuberant, boisterous and welcoming host to all who visit.
  • Fearless, yet some are sensitive to noise, such as storms
  • Life expectancy is 10-15 years.
  • Hard to detect when ill cause they are a robust breed with a high pain threshold.
  • They don't care about your personal space.

A Stafford IS NOT:

  • Just a dog in your backyard. If that's what you are after, this is definitely not the breed for you!
  • They are not a macho dog. In fact, they are rather sensitive in nature.
  • Not a natural guard dog. They will defend YOU, not your property or possessions.
Eish, now retired from her show career in the USA.  Misty Olson

Eish, now retired from her show career in the USA. Misty Olson

Oreo, as a baby - exploring.

Oreo, as a baby - exploring.