Pearl thrive on playing ball.

Pearl thrive on playing ball.

Opal, ball-crazy!

Opal, ball-crazy!

Know what you're signing up for!

'Blue' Staffords are NOT 'rare'!

The breed standard accept all colours, accept for 'black and tan' or 'liver'. Even 'blue' is acceptable, BUT the breed standard also calls for good pigmentation and a 'black nose'. I have yet to see a great specimen 'blue stafford' or one with a black nose! The 'blue gene' is a diluted gene. 'Blue Staffords' are known to get skin allergies and to have a low immune system and therefore should not be encouraged. Blue Stafford breeders who claim these dogs are 'special' 'cause they are rare are misleading ignorant puppy buyers as 'blue' Staffords make up 60% of registrations in the UK and Australia - hardly 'rare' anymore. Not only charge these blue breeders three times what respectable breeders charge for a puppy, but these dogs are exploited for their colour only. Reputable breeders breed to improve virtues (not colour).

A Stafford is NOT a natural guard dog.

A SBT is unusually loyal to his people and will defend such without hesitation. Many new to the breed think that a Stafford is an ideal guard dog. That they are small enough in size to manage, yet aggressive enough to protect their property. Staffords thrive on attention, and will invite anyone in that's willing to give it attention! BUT, if a Staffords' family member/s are physically threatened, it will change it's behaviour by defending it's people! Staffords do not appreciate violence in the home and gets very upset when there is domestic violence.

A Stafford is a DEMANDING breed!

They demand attention! The more attention on them, the better and if they don't get it - they often will get up to mischief such as roaming or digging... Most Staffords wants to be your shadow, they want to sit on top of you, preferably. If you don't like a dog in your home, then don't get a Stafford. They hate to be left alone in the back yard. A Stafford wants to be your best friend, your loyal companion and your admirer. Their main aim is to please you! They can sometimes prefer one member of the family more than others, but they are essentially a family dog.

A Stafford is a low maintenance breed.

It's a medium sized dog - that eats a moderate amount. They have a short coat and only requires the odd brushing - once a week, which in fact will make their coats shine like velvet.

Staffords are very strong for their size and not the sort of breed that you should let off the lead in a busy public place. Traditionally a Stafford is expected to be able to defend itself, but not to attack other animals on sight. Staffords are brave (most dogs bite from fear); they are strong (many dogs will bite when they experience pain). A drawback of this breed is its tendency to retaliate when provoked or attacked. However this can be controlled by proper socialising.

Stafford has a memory like an elephant.

Staffords will remember an unpleasant experience forever and puppies/youngsters should always be overseen around young children.

Staffords are prone to skin allergies.

Staffords sleep most of their day but comes early morning and/or late afternoon they charge around the garden like there is no tomorrow! This can be a problem when small children are around.

Staffords was originally bred to fight (other dogs) and although placid most of the time, they ought to stand their ground when challenged. It's for this very reason that owners of Staffords must expect the unexpected and act responsible. A Stafford thrives on respect, guidance and a routine.

Staffords must NEVER show aggression to humans. This must also NEVER be tolerated or encouraged! In fact, a Stafford is known to be really accepting of children in particular!

If you still think a Stafford is the breed for you and you are willing to accept him "warts and all", it is always advisable to buy a pedigree dog. Reputable registered breeders will be able to give you guidance and advice. Unregistered (and cross bred) dogs are increasing in numbers and some may make great pets, but many may fall short of your expectations. Cute puppies often grow into adults that bears little resemblance to a Stafford as a breed. Some are way too big to handle or worse don't have the typical TEMPERAMENT of a Stafford!

Variation in Staffords

There are no such thing as 'short legged' or 'long legged' Staffords, nor 'apple head' or 'pear head' shape types.... there is only ONE type defined by the breed standard of the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it's recognised worldwide under the same Breed Standard. This type is known as a 'BLEND of bull and terrier'.

Pearl, going cray-cray!

Pearl, going cray-cray!

Jade showing baby, Garnet how it's done :-).

Jade showing baby, Garnet how it's done :-).